About us

UAB "Beola", founded in 1993, started its activities with representation of the famous Danish company "Bang & Olufsen" in Lithuania. Having found a market for high quality audio and video equipment, Beola has expanded its activities. Currently, the company can offer for its existing and potential clients pieces of furniture and interior accessories made by eminent German, Austrian, Scandinavian, and Italian manufacturers.
We offer kitchen, living room, bedroom, outdoor, office furniture, and other furniture for public facilities. At Beola, you can also find carpets, fireplaces, various interior fittings, accessories for kitchen and bathroom.
The companies, represented by Beola, are worldwide-recognized manufacturers particularly appreciated for high quality, functionality, and originality of their products. They are good examples of modern design.
For several years, "Creditinfo Lietuva" has been listing Beola among 3% of the strongest Lithuanian companies.

Aušros Vartų g. 5 / Pasažo skg., Vilnius, Lietuva     |     Tel.: (5) 212 2800, Faks.: (5) 212 2543, info@beola.lt     |     Darbo laikas: I - V 10 - 19 val., VI 10 - 16 val.